What we do

We are pioneers in getting Indian content across international platforms. At Cinemas Of SriLanka, we understand the global challenges and revenue opportunities available. We act as an extension of your office and provide you the ability to distribute your film directly from here in India. We are currently equipped to deliver directly to Apple iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Google Play. As a preferred Apple iTunes aggregator, we ensure that your film finds its audience in the world’s largest eCommerce platform. There are a number of complicated quality parameters for iTunes and we have a dedicated team that ensures strict quality control is followed. We have a focused team in Mumbai and provide the highest level of service in the industry.

Supply Chain

We understand digital and the global supply chain issues that are specific to content from SAARC countries and challenges in this marketplace. We are a value added company that does more than pure play aggregation by actively creating workflows and systems for the Indian film Industry. Our objective is to create an honest and transparent organization committed to helping you build value for your content worldwide. We provide state-of-the-art tools that manage, share, process, interface, compute, analyze and report the data and details you need.

Client Dashboard & Analytics

We have a state of the art state-of-the-art dashboard where content holders have access to daily sales reports analytics, accounts and status reports. Our dashboard is specifically designed to provide you detailed and meticulous reports on all your expenses and provides unmatchable transparency. We are constantly upgrading our dashboard to provide you with a superior level of visibility and value addition.

Customer Service

There is nothing more frustrating than not having a person to talk, to address your needs and we understand that. One of our goals is to provide you the level of service that you expect from your own office. Our philosophy is to provide you outstanding service and be available to take care of your needs.