We are pioneers in getting Indian content across international platforms. At Cinemas Of SriLanka, we understand the global challenges and revenue opportunities available. We act as an extension of your office and provide you the ability to distribute your film directly from here in India. We have prepared the below mentioned FAQ’s which are specific to our markets and have tried to address common queries. This page is continually updated so keep browsing for new additions.

Why choose us?

We built this company to address 3 major issues which are common to all content holders:

Transparency, Honesty and On-Time Payments.
A common complaint we receive is about creative accounting practices and hidden costs, including marketing, which are often levied on content owners. We have eliminated this completely by creating a very transparent system where every cost element is detailed. Additionally, marketing of content is done only by the approval of the content owner on a case by case basis.
Our real time dashboard, gives you access to all your reports including detailed financial and analytics. We have automated our entire workflow so you get your payments every month. We are always accessible to address any of your needs.

Content was getting lost in the system.
Our commitment is to develop an SriLankan film category on our partner platforms. By focusing and building both Bollywood and Regional content, we have the ability to create a destination for our community worldwide. We are totally focused on the specific needs of the SriLankan film Industry. We understand the complexity on rights, terms and the specifics needed to get our films into acceptable International QC standards. We are digital specialists and our only objective is to get your film successfully into as many outlets as possible.

No upfront fee.
We pay for digitizing your content so that you have no upfront investment. Instead of your film sitting gathering dust in your shelves, we invest and merchandise it on the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world. We are committed to providing you the maximum value and have amongst the lowest revenue share rate in the world.

Can I check if my film is up on iTunes and other platforms?

Our real time dashboard gives you an up-to-date status on the progress of your film through the QC cycle. The dashboard is our connection to you and we constantly update information on this.

Does Cinemas Of SriLanka take exclusive rights?

No, unlike many companies, we believe you have the power over your content. You can choose the platforms and the country you wish to merchandise your film. We do not place any restrictions and provide you inputs and suggestions.

Do you market the film?

We believe that the theatrical marketing for your film will support the secondary market. However, we provide you placement within the stores and special coop marketing plans that will enhance visibility. Additionally, depending upon your preference, we work with your marketing team in creating awareness for your films within the eco system.

What kind of Assets do we need?

  • Feature File: Apple ProRes 4:2:2 HQ
  • Trailer File: Apple ProRes4:2:2 HQ
  • Poster Art: .PSD file at 1200 x 1440, 300 dpi
  • Censor Certificate: 800 x 600 .jpg file
  • Subtitle file for feature and trailer: .srt file
  • Metadata: To be filled in the template we provide
  • Consumer Grade Blu Ray. If a Blu Ray has not been manufactured, a consumer grade DVD would suffice

Are Standard Definition (SD) files acceptable?

Yes. However, only in cases where a High Deifinition (HD) master was not manufactured.

Can I provide a tape instead of a file?

Yes. We can encode the content on your behalf and create a file suitable for premium digital platforms.

Why is digital encoding so expensive?

The platforms are extremely stringent about quality. The other factor is that since we are in the pay markets, the customers only pay for High Quality films that have an international level of quality. We are constantly working on ways to reduce the costs. We have special deals with Apple approved encoders that allow us to provide you the best possible deals, given our volume. Additionally, encoders have a habit of charging you for a number of additions which we do not. Our services include ingest, processing, quality control, repairs, artwork preparation, chapter creation, metadata preparation, closed caption conformance, audio conformance, transcoding, packaging, delivery and platform specific visibility.

How often are films rejected and for what reasons?

Films are rejected for technical issues (macro-blocking, interlacing, audio dropouts, duplicate frames, etc.) or if they have gross content violations (they are home video, pornographic, etc.) Technically well made films are rarely rejected.

Can Cinemas Of SriLanka fix my film?

We do provide a range of services like ingest, quality control, repairs, meta data preparation, closed captioning, subtitling, audio conformance, transcoding and packaging to help improve the quality of your content.

What are common technical issues?

Video artifacts such as macro-blocking/digital hits, cropping errors, corrupt/missing/dropped frames, offline media, film degradation, color banding, aliasing, and interlacing/pull down issues. Audio issues include audio drops, audio hits, corrupt audio, over modulation, phasing, improper stereo or surround audio, and more. These are just some of the common technical issues listed.

Who are some of our competitors?

While we don’t know if anybody provides the range of service we do, there are a number of international companies like Premiere Digital Services and others.

Do I have to sign a contract with Cinemas Of SriLanka?

Yes. We shall forward you our standard contract. Once you approve it, we shall have the documents franked. Two copies would be sent to you with our signatures. You would need to sign both the copies, retain one and return the other to Cinemas Of SriLanka.

How is the content priced?

The content is priced based on the age, scale and box office success of the title.

What is gross revenue?

Revenue we receive from the platform after they retain their share is the gross revenue.

What are deductible expenses?

Deductible expenses are typically, expenses incurred towards ingest, QC, packaging, poster art, subtitle, Blu Ray or DVD purchase, courier charges, delivery charges and any marketing spend (if applicable).

How do I get my payment?

We wire once a month into your account and within 30 days from the time we receive the payments from the Platforms.

How much does it cost to deliver feature film content to various platfoms?

Depending upon the length of the film and the state of your assets. We make every attempt at reducing these costs. Since we have a lot of experience in working with Indian assets, we are in a very good position to reduce these expenses.

Here is some ball park delivery costs for few platforms:

  • iTunes: US$500
  • Amazon: US$200
  • Google Play: US$200
  • Netflix: US$200

How do I promote my film?

Internet presence, marketing and SEC. We are working on developing a focused marketing department once we achieve a minimum scale. In the meantime, there are a number of DIY resources that are cheap, and effective like SEO, facebook and internet marketing.

How long until my movie is online?

The time a film goes live online can vary, some of it depends on you, and some of it is outside your control. Once we get all your assets, we start the ingest process. Our typical turn around time is 4 weeks of finalizing the content and delivering it to the service. At this point, the platform will review the content with their own teams. This can take anywhere from a 7 to 10 days. If the content is accepted, it will then go live, depending on how accurate the information and assets are to the technical necessities.

How much can I expect to make in digital distribution?

These are early days in Digital. There is a market for every film, however the size of it depends upon the marketing, theatrical success and quality. The key is to have your film available. Only by having it available will audiences be able to even access it. Having said that, it is important to work on inexpensive promotions and put the word out. We believe that digital will replace the Home Entertainment window and be the future of the way the world consumes content.

What platforms can Cinemas Of SriLanka deliver a film to?

We deliver to iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Netflix. Netflix is a curated service i.e: we will present your film, however they make independent buying decisions. We are adding additional platforms and will keep you posted on the developments.

Can I get my title featured on any of the platforms?

We can’t guarantee a title to be featured on a platform, but we have the ability to recommend your title to the marketing team. We have successfully got Indian titles on the home page. For live examples log on the iTunes India Store.

What are our plans?

We are a start up with a great team of people. Our mission is to build an international quality company that puts money back for our film makers. We hope you will join our stellar content partners and build a thriving digital marketplace for your content worldwide. We have an excellent reputation and you can talk to our larger partners on why they choose to work with us. We are selective in the platforms we add on to our list. The key is that our content holders need to make money. We do our diligence and work only with proven platforms that are capable of generating money.

How do I get started?

Please check “Submit a Film” page.¬†Kindly share all details of your film, the territories and the platforms you would like your film to be made available. We can setup a meeting or a call to take it to the next step.